Yotube download: DIY Mac n' Cheetos

Huge demand on this one, so we decided to experiment with a new Mac & Cheese recipe that we thought worked very well in deep fried form.  Let's not just settle for Cheeto Puff style crust either, might as well go Crunchy Style too... matter 'fact lets go extra flaming hot while we're at it.  Why stop there, let's go XXtra Flaming Hot!!  I guess there's a Habanero type too :(... no luck finding that.  So enjoy a delicious mac & cheese recipe along with it being deep fried 2 ways.

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Mac n' Cheetos
540 Calories Per 5
Makes 50 Servings

Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  20 minutes
Refrigerate:  1 hour
Freeze:  1 hour
Deep Fry @ 350°F:  2 minutes
• Deep Fryer:  http://amzn.to/1MRHIG5

• 2 oz Mac & Cheese Scoop
• 1 Egg, 1/4 Cup Water, 1/4 Cup Heavy Cream
• Flour
• Cheetos (Puffs)
• XXtra Flaming Hot Cheetos (Crunchy)
• Oil for Frying

Mac & Cheese Recipe:
• 1 lb Box Macaroni
• 2 Tbsp Butter
• 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
• 2 Cups Sharp Cheddar Cheese
• 8 oz Mascarpone
• 8 oz Velveeta (for extra cheesiness)

1.)  Skip to step 9 if you have old leftover mac & cheese in your fridge.  But if you want a nice recipe for mac and cheese please continue reading

2.)  Boil an entire 1 lb box of elbow macaroni, drain, etc.

3.)  In a sauce pan add 2 Tbsp Butter & 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream and bring to a boil

4.)  Add room temperature Mascarpone & finely grated sharp cheddar cheese to sauce pan until completely blended / melted

5.)  Add Elbow Macaroni and mix

6.)  Eat it, it's fresh and it should taste good

7.)  Transfer to refrigerator and I'd probably just wait until tomorrow to use

8.)  Now you have cold leftover mac and cheese!

9.)  Grab roughly 2 oz of mac and cheese (for easy measuring use a spoon or ice cream scoop)

10.)  Form it into a turd and then toss it into flour, then egg wash then crushed up Cheetos mixture

11.)  For best results, Freeze for an hour before frying

12.)  Deep Fry at 350°F for 2 minutes

13.)  Serve with a side of cheese or any dipping sauce for that matter

TIPS:  If you crush the Cheetos by hand you will get a more crunchy texture.  Try other types of coatings besides Cheetos.  Have fun with this step!
Serving Size 5 Pieces
Calories                540
Total Fat             30g
Saturated       15g
Trans               0g
Cholesterol          30mg
Sodium                 350mg
Total Carbs          50g
Dietary Fiber       2g
Sugars                  4g
Protein                20g

Burger King:
Serving Size 5 Pieces
Calories                310
Total Fat             13g
Saturated       4.5g
Trans               0g
Cholesterol          15mg
Sodium                 710mg
Total Carbs          37g
Dietary Fiber       -g
Sugars                  9g
Protein                9g

Disclaimer:  Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline.  It does not represent any actual facts.

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